Robert Wojciech Portius

Winery-residence: 3950 Sárospatak, Kazinczy Street 8
Winery: Hercegkút, Gombos-hegyi Pincesor (Row of Cellars)

Mobil: +36 30 303 9209
Fax: +36 47 315 177


Why Portius?

You might wonder:
- Why Portius?
- Who is behind this rarely known name possibly of Latin origin?
- Why was the cellar named after Portius

In fact, the name Robert Wojciech Portius does not sound familiar nowadays. Nevertheless, reading about the history of Tokaj Hegyalja he is mentioned as the greatest wine merchant, who grew to love Tokaj wines and transported them to eastern European markets. He even provided royal feasts with this amber liquid. Portius was a Protestant Scotsman who escaped to Poland because of his religion in the beginning of the 17th century. He chose Krosno, in the south of Poland, to serve as the centre of his wine commerce. He became a wealthy man as a result of his successful trade in Tokaj wine and in return he supported his town with his charitable constructions.

Even today his name is respected in Poland. The Portius Association based in Krosno aims to revitalise the culture of the superb Tokaj wines that have in recent years been undeservedly forgotten. It wishes to rekindle the love of these unique wines and to remember Portius. I had the good fortune to become acquainted with the Portius Association of Krosno in 2005 and I was elected as a member of the association in 2006. Our main objectives were entered into a contract and I named my cellar after Portius. My wines are available on the market under the name Tokaj-Portius.

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